Big Sean Has Had a Fair Share of Luck AND Blessings [Interview]

Sarah Harrison

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Dodging the curse of the sequel, the Detroit 2 rapper Big Sean, rediscovers his perspective of hunger and passion for music in 2020. Despite the many features, this album was predominantly an in-house process with Hit-Boy, Jhene Aiko and Key Wane receiving exclusive entry to his ZTFO home in LA to work on his project. Another credited name on this project is his father who actually came up with phrase and concept ZTFO, triggering Sean to embark on a creative challenge by hopping on a juxtaposing “non-Zen like” hype beat from the Cool & Dre beat pack , which was then finalised by No I.D and Teddy Walton.

Big Sean has had a fair share of luck and blessings, accepting both throughout the course of his life and identifying their non-conflicting ideologies. The self-proclaimed protagonist of a “Rap fairytale”, who has toyed with the idea of depicting it in movie form, is aware yet not totally convinced of the improbabilities of “another Big Sean story” taking place down the line, perhaps himself continuing the legacy of its novelty by signing talent to him in the same fashion!

“None of us are perfect, or else we wouldn’t be here”


Detroit 2’s executive producer Hit-Boy is going down as GOAT status, with Sean highlighting a Jay-Z conversation in which Hov said “Hit-Boy is like a Swiss Army knife”. Sean admits that there are times he doesn’t agree with the versatile producer, revealing the various different versions made of certain album cuts to really fulfil Sean’s options. The intro track “Why Would I Stop” went through four to five beat chances and the fan favourite single “Body Language” featuring Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla Sign, was written five times! In touching on moments in Hip-Hop history, Big Sean narrates the first time working with Hit-Boy was the making of “Clique”, which was made on accident following an unsatisfactory session with John Legend and Pusha T.

Psychologically speaking, Big Sean has come a long way and continues to campaign for self-care; he’s had to learn that taking breaks is necessary and encourages others to not let anything or anyone have power over you. Going on another ten year run, hopefully exploring avenues outside Music, Big Sean vows to stop being a victim of worrying about the future and just having fun at every present moment!


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