070 Shake doesn’t want to be happy, but rather just BE

Sarah Harrison

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Photos by Duane Jay

070 Shake touches down in the UK and performs her long awaited debut album Modus Vivendi for the first time ever. My second time meeting 070, first time being at SXSW 2017, we reflect on what she deems as a “blurry” time, admitting to too much substance use, which ignites the reflecting on the lives of fellow artists like Mac Miller and Juice WRLD tragically lost this way.

The New Jersey Artist explains leaving home turf to inspire the creative process that gave this album such a sentimental California soundscape with the support of super talented producers Mike Dean, Dave Hamelin, Myles William and fellow 070 Crew member Sebastian. She is firm about her own decision to scrap features for this project, but is not opposed to it in the future, with names like DJ Khaled, Fabulous and Kanye West already under the belt.

“Being happy is overrated… I’m not trying to be happy, I’m just trying to be”


070 Shake flirts with spirituality a lot and the idea of perfect timings, citing a book entitled ‘Raising The Curtain’ as the source of album title “Modus Vivendi”, a Latin term meaning “an agreement allowing conflicting parties to co-exist” 070 Shake suggests ties with Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music (Steven Victor and Pusha T) might no longer be, but expresses her respect for all!


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