Omah Lay is a leading breakthrough Artist in a Pandemic

Sarah Harrison

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A Nigerian native from Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Omah Lay becomes one of the first Artists to break through in the middle of a global pandemic with his mesmerising Afro Fusion 5-track EP Get Layd. #InTheTrap, he gives his view on the term “Afro Fusion” and how it allows him to think and make music outside the box, yet still citing Afro Beat as the heartbeat of his sound and culture, especially growing up with a family lineage of percussionists, namely his grandfather being linked to Celestine Ukwu and the Hi-Life genre.

Breaking down the journey of emotions on this project, from love to friendships to spirituality, Omah Lay finishes on a freaky note with ‘Ye ye ye’, dissecting how it came to fruition. He also expresses an admiration for Drake, following in his career footsteps and not being opposed to any recognition he might get from the superstar.

Omah Lay also admits to never having performed on a stage and therefore unsure of how audiences will react post-COVID, but he is amazed that his music has reached places like Qatar. This wonderful Nigerian talent promises a second project before the year is out. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


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