It Takes Spillage Village to Raise The Youth Through a Reinvented Religion [Video Interview]

Sarah Harrison

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In The Trap with some of the Spillage Village troops, Olu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doc) of EarthGang , Benji and Mereba who star in the latest Spilligion album, comprised of other members J.I.D, 6lack, Hollywood JB and Jurdan Bryant. Expounding on the play on the word (and idea) of “religion”, the crew pin their foundations firmly in African spirituality, with Mereba encouraging every black person in America to take a trip back to the continent. Doc, of EarthGang, expresses that it is humankind’s responsibility to establish and highlight the good in the tools (we make), which often come at our own expense.

“We wanna inspire people to take action to live in a new condition, an elevated state”

In differentiating this collaborative work from the Grammy worthy Revenge of the Dreamers compilations, EarthGang’s Johnny Venus likens Spilligion to a home cooked meal, since such extensive quality time was spent with all the Artists vs. a sprint of recording sessions. Venus also reveals that his mom’s Intro got the axe to make way for Big Rube’s blessing (hooked up by Big Boi), a Dungeon Family veteran, whose legacy made an impact beyond Atlanta. The family sentiment stretches beyond this project, as the aim to pay it forward to the next generation continues to be at the forefront of what Spillage Village is about. Despite so many cooks, the soup remains unspoiled, as the ingredients stay wholesome and fresh!


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